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All of our malting barley is supplied by our shareholders, two of Ireland’s largest Agri Co-Operatives, Dairygold and Tirlán (formerly Glanbia Ireland) . The naturally fertile soils of Munster and Leinster, combined with a mild, temperate, oceanic climate and long growing season provide ideal conditions to produce premium quality malting barley.

Combining both the expertise of our experienced group of registered growers and the technical support available through the Co-Op branch network ensures that the crop reaches its full potential as it matures.


Once harvested the barley is carefully scrutinised to ensure that only grain that will produce fine quality malts is selected for malting. Careful drying and storage in dedicated facilities ensure that the barley loses none of its natural goodness prior to processing.


Once matured the grain is extensively tested to assess the various constituents and characteristics of the barley. Having met our quality specifications, the barley is then delivered to the maltings using quality, approved hauliers for processing. Throughout the process detailed records are maintained to ensure that all grains can be traced back to source.