“We at the Franciscan Well Brewery have been supplied malted barley from the Malting Company of Ireland since the founding of the brewery in 1998. We have always found the quality of the malts to be extremely high. Also the work staff at the maltings have always been very helpful in accommodating our requirements. The fact that 25 kg bags are now available is also a major bonus for us as we can now order exactly what we need on a week by week basis. I expect to be using MCI’s malt for many years to come.”


“We have been buying malt from MCI for as long as it has been available in 25kg bags, and they are a pleasure to deal with. Long before we were a customer, they listened to what we had to say about our needs (and limitations) as a small brewer, and they worked to create an offering that would allow us to buy Irish malt in smaller quantities than were not typically available elsewhere in Ireland. Since then, we have been buying all our base malts from MCI, and the support we get from them is second to none.”


“The Malting Company of Ireland have provided us with a reliable, efficient and friendly service. Most importantly, they allow us to source the highest quality Irish malt.”



“The elevated levels of enzymes, plump kernels and lower protein levels in the MCI Stout Malt made the enzymatic conversion process very simple, highly efficient, and time-saving.  The MCI Stout malt eliminated the need for a protein rest and extensive enzymatic mash schedules and the result was clearer beer with a base malt profile that was smooth enough to create a flavourful lager yet subtle enough to not overwhelm specialty malts, hops and yeast derived flavours in an ale.  This malt has been very easy to use and versatile enough to use in a wide range of beer styles.”
Chris Paynes, Chop & Brew
“Since we installed our grain silo at Eight Degrees Brewing we have solely used The Malting Company of Ireland’s ale malt. We are consistently impressed with the quality of the malt and its versatility, allowing us to brew everything from pale ales to stouts, red ales and IPAs. In addition, the customer service has always been prompt, efficient and flexible. We at Eight Degrees are proud to brew with The Malting Company of Ireland’s malt.”