Our Process

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Our malting process is based on the controlled germination of our premium barley to produce the finest quality Irish malt. To achieve this there are a series of key stages all continuously monitored by our-state-of-the-art SCADA system. All this takes place under the watchful eyes of our dedicated experienced staff members.

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In steeping, the moisture of the barley is raised from 13% moisture to typically 45% to encourage a rapid, even germination of the barley. The first phase of steeping in our plant is barley washing which results in marked improvement in the quality of the finished malt produced, but which is not used by all maltsers. Steeping consists of several wet periods, where the barley is soaked in water from our own deep-bore wells, interspersed with air rests.


Malt is then germinated at a specific temperature and is continually aerated and regularly turned. This is to ensure even, closely controlled and monitored growth. During this time the grain’s own enzymes naturally unlock the nutrients stored in the grain which will later be released in the mash-tun.


Kilning the malt preserves it by drying it in warm, dry air. The combination of heat and moisture during the process develops its characteristic colour, flavour and odour. The Kiln is heated indirectly which eliminates any risk of contamination from combustion gases.